RedBull Alive

This school project, which I worked on with my classmates Amanda de Ruiter, Julia Blauw en Freek Stoevelaar, was to create a completely new look for the energy drink brand RedBull to promote the brand's new organic drink "RedBull Alive".

The new drink would be released simultaneously with the RedBull Alive Festival, to introduce the new drink and the lifestyle accompanied with it. The Alive Energy drink is a biological, organic and healthier variation of the regular energy drinks by RedBull.

We decided on keeping the design of the can very minimalistic and clean to keep the look in ties with the feeling that it was trying to envoke. The iconic bull logo has been enlarged and given the background of a wet green leaf.

The app for the festival was built with the user as a starting point, practical and organised. The app features a map of the festival grounds to find the exact spot where the user would like to go, and what is happening at that exact moment can be viewed by the live stream feature. Furthermore, the app lets users buy tickets for the festival beforehand and share photos of themselves with the new drink as well as their appearance at the festival itself.
Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht
Design, Typography