Portfolio for Hage Mukwendje

At AGA LAB they host several (international) artists a month as part of an Artist in Residence program. This means that an artist from anywhere in the world can rent a room within the studio for one to three months.

During this residency, the artist in question has 24/7 access to the studio to do their work. Usually, this access results in the artist working at night and barely showing their face during the day.

Luckily, Hage Mukwendje is not that kind of artist. During my internship at AGA LAB, Hage spent two months as an artist in residence. We came to talking and exchanged contact information and online portfolio's. 

I was astonished by his work since it is incredibly beautiful. Hage really liked my style of work and asked me if I could design a portfolio for him, that he could show around when he went back to Namibia. And of course, I said yes.
Hage Mukwendje
Design, Typography, Styling