Internship Report Seventury

When I started my second internship, at Seventury Marketing and Strategy, I was sure to make my internship report completely different from what I usually do.

Mostly to challenge myself to explore deeper into the world of minimalism, and that it isn't always black and white. That having been said, this whole report is made without the colour black (as in #000000), even the basic paragraphs are made up from a dark chocolate brown.

For this report, I used a lot of images from one of the clients of Seventury. This client is a fashion brand in premium clothing with beautiful earthy tones and beautiful imagery. So beautiful, I just had to use it in my report and give the images justice to being printed full size, instead of just being shown on little Instagram pictures.

Sadly, since I signed an NDA, I'm not legally allowed to show any of the pictures from the client I used online. The shots of my report below are all with royalty-free images.
Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht
Design, Typography, Styling