As a volunteer at AGA LAB, I focus mainly on the digital communication side of the foundation. This means that I am responsible for anything that goes out on social media (Facebook and Instagram), updating the website with new articles and event pages, as well as building the newsletter. Social analytics is a big part of this, using it to figure out what our subscribers like and dislike, what they want to know and how AGA LAB wants to get the information to them.

As head of the social media department, I work in close proximity with the (usually two or more) interns that are working at AGA LAB. This means I will plan posts ahead and prepare a schedule so that the interns can post and keep track of their tasks throughout the week (such as replying to client messages on Facebook and Instagram, as well as noting the data that we collect via posts on social).

Together with two other graphic designers, we make sure the interns learn as much as there is to learn about the graphic design business.
Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Intern Guide
September 2018 until present

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